Why Company League?

The Climate Competition Company League is designed for companies to challenge their network peers to create a cross-company championship. Companies love to be challenged as it helps them communicate their sustainable efforts to their commercial partners as well as strengthens their partner relationships.

This solution provides for companies to strengthen their network of suppliers and collaborate with partner companies using the sustainability topic as a base. Companies compete in teams with the goal engaging their employees to reduce their personal their CO2 footprint. The company with the least individual CO2 footprint at the end of the competition wins. The winner is announced to all the participants.

How do we run a successful company league together?

Having as many companies on board in the company league will give you huge impact, great engagement stories and will create an atmosphere of fun and friendly competition. Here are some key tips for a successful company league:

  • If you belong to a membership network or a collective of organisations nationally or internationally, this is a great way to promote and get companies on board. 
  • Explore sponsorship approaches to reduce the financial barrier to access, particularly for SMEs in your sector
  • Launch the Competition between 4-6 months before it takes place – this will help drum up interest and awareness.
  • Consider a launch event and invite companies.
  • Have fun in the social media and communications space. Its a friendly challenge with a positive message. Use this to connect with your employees and companies in your sector. 

What will each company get?

All the companies that join a company league can receive the following support, if required:

  • Unique Climate Challenge for each company participating.
  • Challenge structure designed specific for their company needs – teams grouped per region, office, department or floor.
  • Access to Ducky Admin Dashboard to manage challenge in each company.
  • Team Leader workshops based on your needs.
  • Detailed end of project report with key stats and insights.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager.
  • Success building and KPI design sessions.
  • Tailored internal comms pack for your needs.
  • Feedback and evaluation sessions with your employees and key leads in your organisation.

Case Studies

Sustainable Kildare

Sustainable Kildare was a year long climate action programme for businesses led by County Kildare Chamber and sponsored by Intel. Running from October 2021 to March 2022, the programme engages businesses in a series of fun and friendly climate action challenges, all supported by an education programme.

The championship consists of a series of three Climate Challenges, delivered via the Climate Competition platform, provide a fun way to engage people in climate action while building awareness and starting crucial conversations about climate issues.


Three challenges from October 2021 and March 2022 saw:

  • 56,106 KG CO2e saved
  • 41,716 climate actions logged
  • 66 teams participated
  • 36 unique SMEs engaged
  • 85% participation rate
  • Strong daily engagement

What did the participants say?

At County Kildare Chamber, we take great pride in our “Sustainable Kildare” programme, which was supported by Intel Ireland and ran in partnership with Global Action Plan.

Sustainable Kildare succeeded in mobilising staff in 65 different businesses, who took over 41,000 actions to reduce their impact on the climate. Our climate challenge not only resulted in big savings in CO2 emissions, but also saw unprecedented levels of employee engagement with possible solutions to the climate crisis. We found the competition to be fun, effective, and educational: County Kildare now has hundreds of new climate ambassadors, showing the power of individual action and collective behaviour change.
Jennifer Forster - Kildare County Chamber
Jennifer Forster
Marketing and Communications Manager - Kildare County Chamber

Funds Industry Challenge 2023

The Funds Industry Climate Challenge invited teams from a wide range of companies across the sector to challenge each other to make the greatest reductions in their personal greenhouse gas emissions. The challenge ran from 17 to 28 April 2023, and is part of the sector’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and empowering employees to help address the climate crisis.


  • 23 Businesses participating
  • 110+ teams engaged
  • 2,333 employees participating
  • 229,286 climate friendly actions logged
  • 173,393 kgCO2e estimated savings
  • 3 Principle sponsors of the Challenge

What did the participants say?

The Funds Industry Climate Challenge brilliantly illustrates the power of small actions. By converting everyday actions into measurable savings in greenhouse gas emissions, it makes a complex global issue something that is real, tangible and - crucially - something that ordinary people can influence. All in all, taking part in the Challenge was a rewarding experience for all of us, and we would certainly recommend it to others. It helped MF LLP identify opportunities to help reduce our emissions
Sabina Cotter
Head of Responsible Business - McCann Fitzgerald

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