Can the Climate Competition really help you engage your employees?

Why do we think it is important for employees all around Ireland to join the Climate Competition? Earlier in 2022, Swedish firm Essity organised a workplace survey among 12,000 office workers from various European countries. The poll showed that 78% of employees felt their employer should do more to create an eco-friendly office. Almost 60% felt their employer should communicate better about sustainability in the workplace. 

The survey also showed that employees felt their company’s track record on energy efficiency should improve. Respondents noted their dissatisfaction with office lights left being on in the office day and night, heating that was set too high, and poor waste separation and recycling rates. 

Now that people have become used to working from home. More and more employees have begun to comment on the differences between practices at work and at home. Many feel that their employers are lagging behind when it comes to good recycling practice and energy awareness. 

This may be partly due to the fact that employees are not aware of the bigger picture. Many companies have developed Sustainability policies, looking to shift to solar energy and changes in their supply chains. But many of the proposed measures may not be immediately visible to employees in their daily work routines. 

Who takes the lead?

The Essity survey showed that almost 7 out of 10 employees globally feel that they have to take the lead when it comes to sustainability actions in their offices. But employees may focus unduly on some of the more tangible aspects of the sustainability efforts, such as recycling paper and coffee cups. Though employees were note aware of the other ways in which companies can reduce their carbon emissions and energy consumption.

That is why companies must make sure to bring their employees along on their sustainability journey. If employees understand the complexities of carbon footprint measurements and Scope 3 practices, for instance, and if they can link the company’s efforts to the wider Sustainable Development Goals, they are likely to be more invested and supportive.

Can the climate competition solve this problem for you?

The Ducky Challenge and Climate Competition can be powerful tools to enhance employee engagement. Send us a message and we can explore how we can help you today.