Do you have Ireland’s most climate-friendly employees?


Do you have Ireland’s most climate-friendly employees?

The climate competition engages everyone in the workplace to reduce their climate footprint through skills development and team building.

Read more about why your company should join. 

What is the Climate Competition?

The climate competition is Irelands largest championship of its kind, where companies compete against their own colleagues and/or other companies to reduce CO 2 e as much as possible.

The competition is digital and usually takes place over a period of two weeks.

The aim of the competition is to show how each person can use simple and effective measures to reduce their own climate footprint in their daily lives – both at home, in their free time and at work.

How does the competition take place?

The climate competition is a championship to cut CO 2 e – and every cut counts! On the Ducky Challenge digital platform, your employees record which environmentally friendly activities they do every day, such as shorter showers, reducing food waste and traveling by public transport. For each small activity, the app calculates how much CO 2 you have saved. You also get tips on what kind of climate change you can make and what effect it has, in the app.

The climate competition

Throughout the championship, you can constantly follow the scores and statistics of colleagues and opponents in real time – which increases the competitive instinct and the climate effect. The person or team that has cut the most CO 2 e when the competition ends wins.

All participating companies receive a final report with their climate cuts – which can be used to profile the company on sustainability – in internal channels, social media or websites.

When is the Climate Competition?

You can choose to participate in a specific period on fixed dates, where you compete against other companies and organisations.

In 2024, the competition will be held:

  • 8th April – 22nd April 2024
  • Mid October 2024 – dates TBC 

Your company then competes against the companies that participate in the same period.

In addition, you compete to win Ireland’s most climate-friendly employee, based on everyone’s participation throughout the year. Maybe the person works for you?

What if we want to do our own competition in house?


Maybe these dates don’t suit your organisation or you would prefer to run a Climate Competition just for your own organisation internally as a employee engagement activity?

 No worries at all. We can work with you to set up a Climate Competition for you so you can participate when it suits the company best; 

Fill in the contact form and we can start to chat about your needs or alternatively email us at
Who can register for the Climate Competition?

Anyone can sign up – whether it’s a non-profit organisation, public sector, a private company or a large company. The goal is the same: To cut climate emissions through a joint effort – to give more awareness of sustainability and create unity at work.

Registration is divided into groups of 1-50 employees, 51-100 employees and 101-400 employees. Your company can also compete with several teams in the same competition. If you have more than 400 employees, or want to register several companies, that is also possible.

Why sign up?

Participating in the climate competition gives your company a competitive advantage in terms of sustainability. The championship provides relevant expertise to make climate-friendly choices – and creates cohesion internally with the competition as a common arena for skills development and culture building.

It will give weight to success with green strategies and sustainability reporting, while at the same time strengthening the company’s external reputation.

Why use sustainability in team building and employer branding?

Surveys show that 7 out of 10 Irish people want to live more climate-friendly , without knowing how. At the same time, as much as 88% of us want to work in companies that make a positive impact on the world. The climate competition is a solution to just that, and gives the employees a professional community where they get a common and socially relevant issue to work towards.

The championship makes your company an attractive workplace from the inside and outside – with more motivated employees and sustainability rooted in the organisation. It will have positive effects for both team building internally and employer branding externally.

If you want to attract young minds, knowledge of sustainability is a decisive competitive advantage. At the same time, it will give new motivation to those who already work there.

Why should employees reduce their personal greenhouse gas emissions?

Everyone can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With the climate competition, we want to show that each and every one of us has the opportunity and power to make climate-friendly choices – every single day. When everyone reduces their climate footprint a little, it leads to a positive impact. Action creates change, and if we want change we have to start small.

A company is the sum of all its employees. In the climate competition, we want to show that we can both together and alone make choices that are good for the climate. It gives the individual motivation to cut emissions, while the company can inspire other companies to do the same. In this way, you make a contribution to both yourself and society.

What does participation in the Climate Competition include?

Participating in the Climate Competition lifts the company, provides expertise and builds culture. Included in the price you get:

Participation and login to the platform for one of the rounds in the Climate Competition.

  • Resource page on how to engage employees before and during the competition, with tips for internal and external communication,
  • Online kick-off and information meeting for contact persons in participating companies,
  • Report that highlights statistics for the number of CO 2 saved during the competition, which of the UN’s sustainability goals your company has been most focused on, and how much their reduction has on a national scale,
  • Tips and tricks on how to sign up and what to remember.

You can also buy extra packages with team leader workshops, lectures and sponsorship.

  • Team leader workshop: Committed team leaders are the key to creating an engaging competition and leading the company to victory in the Climate Competition! The future in our hands holds a workshop for the team leaders to inspire and provide concrete tools so that their company gets the most out of the Climate Competition.
  • Lecture: Give your employees a skills boost during the period you focus on climate during the Climate Competition 2023. The future in our hands holds an internal lecture for your employees to give them a boost and create commitment in the company.
  • Sponsor: Get more visibility in connection with the competition – become a sponsor in the Climate Competition 2023! Please contact us for questions regarding this.

Who organises the competition?

The climate competition is organised by Global Action Plan Ireland in collaboration with Ducky AS, Norway. 

Global Action Plan Ireland is an environmental organisation with the mission of supporting sustainable communities across Ireland. Our programmes are evidence-based and designed to help people overcome barriers to change. We provide targeted support to communities, schools and businesses, to encourage smart and effective citizen solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises.

We deliver programmes in environmental education and climate action, global citizenship, the Sustainable Development Goals and community led action. We have three main programmes that are delivered by a national team of expert facilitators: a Schools programme, a Community and Youth programme and a Business programme. We are the exclusive implementing partner for Ducky solutions in Ireland

Ducky AS are based in Norway. Ducky have worked to reduce the footprint of both employees and residents for a number of years, using world-leading climate data and technology. Their company is based on the idea and vision that everyone can contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions – every single day.

Every year they organize the Climate Competition for companies and the National Climate Competition for school classes in Norway. We have also created the platform “People’s Footprint” which gives municipalities and county councils a tool that provides insight into and the opportunity to reduce consumption-based emissions. The world has lacked tools to raise the skills of the population, in companies and in organisations. Our Ducky platform has changed this. The partnership with Global Action Plan is key to bringing these innovations to the Irish shores.